The race to climate neutrality is on. Renewable hydrogen and its derivates will form the basis for a robust and carbon neutral energy system.

Achieving a climate neutral economy requires energy saving efforts and further electrification of light transport and power sectors. Additionally, renewable hydrogen and derivatives as molecular energy carriers can transport energy over large distances from places with abundant renewable energy resources to enable the energy transition in various industrial sectors as (agro-)chemical, refining, steel, mining, maritime transport, etc all over the globe.


We are persuaded utility-scale production and export facilities for renewable hydrogen and derivatives are crucial to decarbonise our planet. The economical viability of such projects continues to improve and there's a consensus the capex and opex will continue to drop.

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The founders have a vast experience in the development, financing, construction and operating of water and waste water projects, waste to energy projects, wind and solar projects and renewable hydrogen and ammonia projects. We bundle profound and unique technological and economical know-how in the different value chain steps.

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Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) is deeply rooted in the DNA of NetZeroWorx’ stakeholders and equally important as economics when taking business decisions.

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